Don the uncertainty of life as an armor.

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What is generally common about your weight, house, surroundings, neighbors, friends, relatives, work, eyesight, priorities, beliefs, wealth, emotional strength, thought process, knowledge, world-view, spirit?


Some change is periodic like trees shedding leaves or a snake shedding its old skin, the change of day to night and the seasons. …

What you as a business owner should know


If you have a small business or even a side hustle, today it is rather simple to reach out to a wider audience. You can position your product or service to a global market from the confines of your home. …

Hubspot says onboarding increases Customer Lifetime Value (LTV)

An employee is a critical stakeholder in a business. Customers are equally critical stakeholders.

Onboarding is a process commonly seen in the HR domain used for easing newly hired employees (internal customers) into an organization. It is a process where both entities get acquainted with each other’s personality, values, culture…

Ipshita Guha

Entrepreneur & Freelance Content Writer for SMBs | ISFJ-T | DiSC ‘D’|| Linkedin:/ipshitabasuguha| Twitter:@datainvestigata

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