Image of a white water lily with orange center on a dark blue watery background
Image of a white water lily with orange center on a dark blue watery background
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I do not write on Medium regularly though it is one of my desired goals. When the Medium Writers Challenge popped into my mailbox on the 28th of July, 2021, I browsed through the post just out of curiosity. All four topics were fascinating, but the one that remained stuck in my mind was “work.”

As I went about my days, the cloud of the topic kept on hovering over me. …

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A seemingly loving marriage ends in a divorce for no fault of yours.

You lose your parents or a dear sibling well before time.

Your pet gets stolen or one day it suddenly dies.

You find out that your partner or spouse has been cheating on you or leaves you with a humongous debt.

Your children are estranged from you.

You lose a job or passed over for promotion while you gave everything to the job.

Your best friend betrays your trust and goes about their life.

I can just go on with sad and unpleasant stuff that happens to…

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What is generally common about your weight, house, surroundings, neighbors, friends, relatives, work, eyesight, priorities, beliefs, wealth, emotional strength, thought process, knowledge, world-view, spirit?


Some change is periodic like trees shedding leaves or a snake shedding its old skin, the change of day to night and the seasons. Many changes are unpredictable.

If we get an unexpected promotion or inheritance we feel elated. It’s when things do not work out or present unpleasant outcomes that we become shaken and anxious.

We might walk into our office one morning and get the pink slip. A long-time client might choose to…

You are not alone if you shudder at the thought of attending a school reunion function or meeting your large family at a holiday get-together. I know, right? Even catching up with friends outside of work can be sometimes stressful as we enter the middle ages. Social media does not make it easy either.

When we see those glitzy pictures of an exotic vacation, newly acquired houses, and cars of our friends and peers splashed on the FB wall or on Instagram, many of us inadvertently pause and reflect. …


If you have a small business or even a side hustle, today it is rather simple to reach out to a wider audience. You can position your product or service to a global market from the confines of your home. And you can choose to serve a precise slice of a segment.

All you need is a website up and running, setup your social media channels and start posting to reach out to your target audience. WIX and Wordpress are effortless ways to create a website with zero external help. Digital marketing experts like Neil Patel and Brian Clark are…

An employee is a critical stakeholder in a business. Customers are equally critical stakeholders.

Onboarding is a process commonly seen in the HR domain used for easing newly hired employees (internal customers) into an organization. It is a process where both entities get acquainted with each other’s personality, values, culture, method of operating, and expectations. The same process is relevant when a business acquires a customer who is also a stakeholder.

If you have a side hustle or own a small business online/ offline or even at the initial stages of setting up one then you must stick around and…

I had started my day job as an intern. It gave me financial security but I wanted to figure out what exactly did I want to do in life. The only way to find out was by trying different things. But I could not let go of the safety net of my day job.

The experimentation began with taking up projects and volunteer work to try out different options on the side. There were times when my fingers were in every pie. Each experience was gratifying. Even today I have a side hustle that I am proud of. Having experimented…

Why do you need a Corrugated Carton Spec Sheet?

Since you are here, I can assume one of the two things — either you are a corrugated carton manufacturer/ trader/ supplier or a buyer/ user. This post is aimed at small business buyers and users of corrugated cartons made of kraft paper.

You need to know what is the optimum packaging solution for your product that is cost-effective, has a good quality and reflects your brand image. One way of doing it is by testing different samples from your carton manufacturer to determine the right dimensions (L x B x H in mm), wall thickness, shape, and branding.



“72% women wear high heels at some time”. This is what the Spine Health Institute says. One of the must-haves of feminine shoe-lovers is stilettos.

Yes, the ones made famous by Louboutin and Blahnik. When we talk of stilettos in this post, I mean the 3, 4, 5+ inches. People of various age groups wear them regularly for work or occasionally for an evening out with friends and family. It is part of an unwritten dress code for certain outfits and professions.

Photo by Castorly Stock from Pexels

Let’s be honest. If you are trying to make an impression, the foremost way to be seen is…

Blog banner of the post How to write Alt text by Ipshita Guha
Blog banner of the post How to write Alt text by Ipshita Guha
Image Created by Ipshita using Canva (Photo by FLY:D on Unsplash)


Yesterday my son’s science teacher was teaching about light. Naturally, the topic of concave-convex mirrors and lens came up followed by a real or virtual image. The kid looked a tad confused. I suggested that he do a quick Google search and read up about it hoping that it throws some “light” on the topic. A few minutes later, I see he is browsing through some images.

That’s when it hit me.

The way people search and look for solutions is changing fast aided by the search engine features.

Many of us would have clicked on the first option of…

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